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  Demarcation Systems (Barrier-systems)  
   The need of segregation of a marine region from its wider aquatic environment renders the floating system of demarcation of Okeanis essential. In applications like the demarcation of secure regions of swimming, the protection of environmentally protected space, the formation of aquatic routes for the approach of marine means in swimming areas, the demarcation of dangerous points, regions where is work executed, the floating system of demarcation corresponds excellently.

   Combining exceptional manufacture quality and low hydrodynamic resistances, it is characterized detectable and particularly durable in long-lasting stay in the aquatic element even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Okeanis floating system advantages

• Their hydrodynamic design gives them exceptional floating stability and maximum endurance in rough weather conditions.
• Wide range of applications that can be achieved
• Enriched with UV-protection stabilizers and made of durable materials, suitable for long-term use in the marine environment.
• Protects the swim area and the marine vessels’ traffic
• Available different colours per request

  Technical Data  
  Technical Field  
  Okean-Barrier F2 Okean-Barrier F3-1
Total height 40cm 40cm
Freeboard 35cm 35cm
Breaking Strength (Internal Rope) 6.5 tn 6.5 tn
Pipe Length 1.5 tn 2 tn
Total Length (With Rope) 2.2m 2.7m
Weight 2,32kg/m (3,83kg/pc) 1,95kg/m (4,3kg/pc)
Float Color Orange - Yellow Orange - Yellow
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