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  Floating Marking
   The navigation buoys of Okeanis light-marking are manufactured according to the specifications of IALA A΄ for the needs of light-marking of each application.
   They are designed for long-lasting continuous operation even in the most extreme weather conditions and are used in each aquatic environment for the detection of dangerous points, the demarcation of borders, and the light-marking of floating applications of Okeanis. Their large waterproof part and proper flotation, makes them ideal for more applications with the use of new technology, such as systems of control of pollution, quality of waters and transmission of data.
  Additional Information  
Shape Hexagon-Conical
Light Buoy Color Yellow
Light color Yellow
Flickers 30-40 lights/min
Luminosity 2 Nm in meteorological visibility of 10 Nm (Τ-0,74)
Light position To the top of the buoy- at least 1,5m height above surface
Material construction Marine stainless steel for open sea and bad weather conditions Polyester construction supported with stainless steel for medium weather conditions
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