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   The action of Okeanis Marine Anti-pollution in the field of collection of floating litter is realized with the floating anti-pollution booms. Net is being used as the main retention material in combination with the particular system that incorporates floating and support. Its individual technical characteristics are formed according to the type and the extent of the pollution, the local meteorological conditions and crowd of parameters decisive for the effectiveness of each application.

   The high quality of manufacture and the technical knowledge of the design of floating anti-pollution booms, emerge directly by their placement in an aquatic environment. They are characterized by maximum durability against the vast charges of pollutants, the exceptionally extreme weather conditions and the long-lasting exposure to the ultraviolet rays of sun, while their stable floating and their functionality enables them to be multi-functional products, with a broad range of applications, offering essential solution to the confrontation of marine pollution. Study - application - effectiveness, is the triptych that characterizes the action of our company in the service of the protection of the environment.
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