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   Okeanis Marine Anti-pollution, with suitable organizational infrastructure, studies and manufactures its products according to the needs and problems of each region. The application of the proposed solutions is supported with installation and maintenance in the whole Greek territory.
   With high level of technical knowledge and the suitable technical equipment, work of cleaning is undertaken with the use of marine and land means, and its collaborators are guided for the more efficient exploitation of its applications offering guarantees for the quality and durability of products that are manufactured and the methods that are used.

  • Study
  • Construction
  • Provision of relative products
  • Placement and removal from the sea
  • Maintenance
  • Guidance for the best exploitation of the applications
  • Cleaning Services
      - With floating means
      - With land means
  • Special application construction for the most difficult pollution problems the aquatic environment is called to face
Study - application - effectiveness, is the triptych that characterizes the action of our company in the service of the protection of the environment.
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