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  Anti-pollution Trap  
   The floating anti-pollution trap has been designed taking into consideration the need for effective collection of enormous quantities of litter-seaweed from the surface of the sea.

    i) a stable trap, which is permanently installed in an aquatic environment and by exploiting the usual local weather conditions, we lead the litter to certain points of concentration.

  ii) a mobile trap, which is towed by two simple marine means, literally sweeping large beneficial surface, with possibility of concentration of many cubic meters of litter in the floating anti-pollution buckets that are adapted in the back part of the trap.

Constructional and application sample of the trawling antipollution trap will be available soon. You can find application sample of the stable antipollution trap in “applications”.
  Technical Data  
  Permanent Antipollution Trap  
  Technical Parts Characteristics - Observations
Forced litter direction One or more parts of the floating boom type Okean-Net, Okean Oil-Net Installed to the appropriate direction according to the local meteorological characteristics
Enclosing gate Especially constructed floating boom part Simple or automatic closure of the gate according to wind blowing direction
Capacity Coverage in m2 Dependable on pollution level, the floating boom length and the installation region
Litter collection By floating and land means Simple and fast collection due to high pollutants concentration
  Trawling Antipollution Trap  
  Okean - MTrap 30/7 Okean - MTrap 50/10 Okean - MTrap 100/15 Characteristics - Observations
Debris Boom Okean-Net 20/150 2*30m 2*50m 2*100m Pollution concentration by two parts of floating boom
Beam 30m - 45m 50m - 75m 100m - 140m It is referred to the beam created from the trawling angle of one or two means respectively
Floating bins capacity 7m3 10m3 15m3 Adjusted independently
  Additional Information  
  Permanent Antipollution Trap Advantages  
  • Simple and economical method of pollution management
  • Collection of enormous litter quantities
  • Extremely high endurance in weather condition and pollutant loads
  • Low maintenance cost
  Trawling Trap Advantages  
  • High sweeping speed per square meters
  • The widest trawling beam
  • Extremely high endurance in weather condition and pollutant loads
  • Low resistance giving the ability of trawling by compatible and medium power boats
  • Immediate floating bin change
  • Floating bins variety depending on pollution loads
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