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  Multiple Retention Floating Boom  
   With the suitable combination of net and special synthetic fabrics in the centre of immersion of the construction, the floating boom of multiple retention constitutes the solution to the confrontation of various forms of pollution.
   The high level of durability of the materials, the hydrodynamic design and the adapted to each condition manufacture make it a floating boom of permanent installation, with a long life-span in extreme meteorological conditions that comes to give solutions to pollution from petroleum products, other humid sewages, seaweed and floating litter.
  Technical Data  
  Technical Field  
Total height 1.50m
Freeboard 0.50m
Draught 1.00m
Weight 6.00 Kgr/m
Tensile strength (ropes only) 9.8 tn
Part lengths 25m και 50m
Color Orange & White
Construction Part |  Technical Characteristics
Net Thread composition Polyamide - dyneema
Fabric Height 55cm total part height , 25cm freeboard, 30cm draught
Material or Composition Double coated PVC
UV-stabilized – antibacterial
Tensile strength Tensile strength:
Warp: 4000*2=8000N/50mm
Weft: 3500*2=7000N/50mm
Tear strength:
Warp: 600N*2 =1200N
Weft: 500N*2 =1000N
Welding-Sewing High frequency welding and double sewing stitches with the net
and floating bars
The support and endurance base of Okeanis Products Placed per meter
Connectors and Mooring Stabilizers Double coated plastic bars with stainless steel mooring connectors Placed in distances according to mooring and connecting
Ballasts Upper and lower ballast High resistance ropes, according to constructions characteristics
Down part Weight 2,2Kgr/m
  Additional Information  
  Multiple Retention Floating Boom Advantages  
     The floating boom Okean-NetBoom is designed for permanent use and for the retention of oil, foam, vessels, seaweeds, litter and debris.
   The combination of fabric and net reduces the floating boom resistance, and it also distributes the water forces evenly, therefore increasing the boom durability and effectiveness.
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