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  Debris Booms (Net Floating Booms)  
   The placement of Okeanis floating systems provides and ensures all the essential safety precautions for the swimmers and the sail of marine means in each region.
   It does not suppress the communal seashore because safety passages are created per regular distances for the controlled approach of marine means to the coast, marked suitably and light-marked with the navigation light buoys of our company throughout their whole extent during the night. The bright orange color and their elevation from the surface of the water make them exceptionally detectable and stylish.
  Being a standard of safety the floating systems that Okeanis manufactures are to common interest of public health and prevention of accidents. With their application, marine space is maintained without litter, seaweed and jelly-fish while simultaneously a secure area of swimming is delimited and protected from the uncontrollable sail of marine means and the accidents that they have caused in the past few years.
   Their application is essential in each swimming area, particularly in beaches that children are entertained or offered recreational activities. An obvious benefit from the use of floating anti-pollution systems is the tourism development of the region.
  Technical Field  
  Okean-Net SP_01 (Fence type) Okean-Net SP_02 (Fence+curtain)
Total Height 1.00m - 1.50m >2.50m
Freeboard 0.40m - 0.50m 0.50m
Draught 0.60m - 1.00m >2.00m
Weight 5,6 kg/m - 6.5kg/m 7,9 kg/m
Resistance (ropes only) 16 tn 16-20 tn
Part lengths 30m - 50m 30m - 50m
Float Color Orange & Yellow Orange & Yellow
Construction Part |  Technical Characteristics
Net Mesh 10-20m
Thread Composition Polyamide or UHMWPE
Supporting &
floating bars
The support and endurance base of Okeanis Products Installed every 1m, double HDPE floats
Connectors and Mooring Stabilizers Double coated plastic bars with stainless steel mooring connectors Placed in distances according to mooring and connecting
Tension members - Ballasts Upper and lower tension members High resistance ropes, according to constructions characteristics.
Down part – Ballast SP_02: Chain hot dip galvanized, Weight 2 kg/m into double PVC coat SP_01: Weight rope 1,5 kg/m
Sewing thread composition High resistance thread UHMWPE
  Additional Information  
  Debris Booms Advantages  
  • The Debris Booms type Okean-Net are the most endurable floating booms which have the broadest range of applications to the pollution problems that the marine environment has to face. Their hydrodynamic and aerodynamic design gives them exceptional floating stability and maximum endurance in all meteorological conditions.
  • Each part of the construction is enriched with UV- stabilizers and is made of light and durable materials, suitable for long-term use in the marine environment.
  • Capability of construction in any size and characteristics. Contact us for the potential choices of the boom characteristics according to the pollution problem.
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